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Serving Altrincham since 1872

ABC has a long and remarkable history. One of our members wrote a book about it! It runs to 500 pages and then only covers the first 35 years! A lot has happened since then as the church has grown and shifted its practices over time. As much as our forebears may find much of what we do now unrecognisable from their experience they will be very familiar with the things we believe – following Jesus, inviting others to follow him too, showing the kingdom of God to our community.
Over the past ten years we have seen exciting changes in how we express these timeless practices. Mission is at the forefront of what we do, so our life and practice is organised around animating everyone to show and share Jesus in their daily lives. This is supported and organised through everyone being a part of a community. This gives all of us a smaller community where we get cared for and care for others, learn and pray and work with our community to share our faith and life with others. We have a whole range of communities so take some time to check them out HERE, get in contact and find your place in the big family of ABC.

Tim Jump, 01/07/2020