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Sunday Gatherings

We gather together as congregation on Sundays both in person and online on our YouTube Channel.

This happens at 10:30am in a service which contains worship through music and prayer, as well as time devoted to hearing God through the teaching of the Bible. If you would like to attend the service in the building please just turn up on any Sunday, you will be very welcome.

The service starts at 10:30am, the livestream goes live a little before hand so you can know that you have connected with us.

See our Livestream Page for details of how to join us online,
For ABC, this time together provides a touchstone, a benchmark, which gives us hope and perspective for the whole of our lives. Worship provides the opportunity for us to experience the greatest possibility open to us and in teaching we seek to hear God speak and are enthused to imitate Jesus in our daily lives. All this is under the guidance, direction and inspiration of God’s life-giving Spirit.

Recordings of the sermon and recent livestream are available under the Learn Menu, older services are available on out YouTube Channel


Tim Jump, 24/04/2020