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The ABC Family

The ABC family expresses the vision and values that we share as a church.

In following Jesus' example of contemplation and action we seek to provide space for all to grow as disciples of Jesus whilst engaging with the real world issues faced by our congregation and the community of which we are a part.

The Hub

The Hub is a building where the work of the church takes place alongside our regular church building. The Hub is a partnership project with Trafford Borough Council and provides a welcoming community for those who visit it. The Hub provides facilities for local community groups as well as a base for some of ABC's activities. Our listening service provides a friendly ear for those who need to talk and seeks to provide support either directly or through effective signposting to those who need it.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

CAP is a national debt counselling charity with a network of over 300 centres based across the UK, including The Hub. The award-winning charity offers hope and practical hands-on support to those in debt, through CAP’s unique free service which is funded by ABC and operates out of The Hub building.

Communities & Groups

The communities and groups at ABC provide a place where discipleship is encouraged and from which faith is shared with our community. Some are geographically based and others built around a group or activity. They are places where we know a closer church family and where care and support is found. 

Youth and Children's ministries

These ministries provide a place for it young people and children to explore faith in an age appropriate manner through a wide range of activities and groups.  Through these ministries faith in Jesus is shared through Bible-based teaching and activities; its where we encourage young people and children to start their own journey of Christian discipleship.