Wow, what a weekend!

Even after a time of sober reflection over the past week we are still reflecting on the ‘Weekend At Home 2017’ as a really significant and encouraging time in ABC’s life. On Friday evening we took stock of where we had travelled, thanking God for all that he is doing in us and looked ahead to what he was about to do. On Saturday Kate Coleman brought us some brilliant teaching which seemed to inspire and challenge us in equal measure, before an evening of food, games and madness on the farm, (when did you last laugh that hard?)

Then on Sunday – wonderful breakfasts in homes again, then out in mission across Altrincham, before reporting back with exciting stories of what God had done.

Once again we are so thankful to God for family, mission, presence, understanding and so much more…


So there is a scene . . .

. . .  from the film ‘Crocodile Dundee’ – remember it? Its the part where Crocodile Dundee walks his leading lady through New York at night, only to be confronted by a knife wielding gang intent on mugging them. But instead of capitulating in fear, Crocodile Dundee famously says, “So you think that’s a knife?” and pulling out a huge blade says, “Now that’s a knife!” causing his assailants to run in fear.

Surprisingly, this morning’s text does something similar as Isaiah writes, ‘O that you would tear open the heavens and come down… so that the nations might tremble at your presence!’

But at this point any similarities between the film and the text end. How God responds to Isaiah will be both utterly loving and hugely challenging and how they respond will be a true measure of the people.


Memory . . .

. . . will dominate much of what we talk about in church today. Memory of the past, of our journey, of our faith which has been shaped by events and experiences. But also memory which defines us today and on which we base our hope for the future.

This morning we will be challenged not to let memory slip and to use what God has already said to define the way ahead. In a quite different way, tonight we will look at how ageing brings fading memories. We forget things, we can’t recall that name, and yet the memories associated with our faith often remain strong, providing comfort and hope for whatever lies ahead.


What do you need God for?

Come on, what do you really need God for?

What are the situations you are facing which you find intractable, out of your control, impossible to cope with? Or what are those things which, in a quiet and honest moment, you see lying deep within you which limit, confound and obstruct the life which Jesus would wish you to own.

As a Christian of some 39 years I say, with even greater conviction that that which I had when I first responded to his call on my life, in him there is power and mercy which is more that enough, more than adequate to achieve all that you would hope for.


Tim Farron’s resignation . . .

. . . as a Christian political leader came as a surprise to me. But just as there have been a whole series of political surprises over the past 12 months, after some reflection, we can see the seeds of these decisions if we look carefully enough. Placed under enormous pressure by the media and other politicians Tim Farron was placed in an invidious position and sadly he has come to the decision he has to resign.

At a time when many of us are praying for the Open Church as we use Open Doors excellent 30 day prayer guide, through the month of Ramadan, may we also be mindful of Christians in the public eye, and those within our number whose faith at work is scrutinised in similar ways